Glenn Della-Monica has been teaching ebay since 2003. He has taught in community college programs, adult education programs, at libraries and other public venues and in private classes.

For over a decade, ebay ran a program called the Education Specialist Trained by ebay Program. Instructors were vetted and trained. Class materials were provided by ebay.

There were various levels within the program, and when it ended in 2016, Glenn had attained the highest one. He was the only Certified Business Consultant in New England at the time.

Using the knowledge from the Education Specialist Program as well as over 17 years of personal buying and selling on ebay, Glenn continues to teach.

He is a Top Rated Seller, and has sold vehicles, collectibles, antiques, tools, household items, and even a couple of timeshares on ebay.

His favorite story about selling concerned a small optical device that may have been a  collimator, or light-gathering lens. It was purchased at an estate sale for a couple of bucks, It had six prisms inside a circular aluminum cylinder, and was from a company in Silicon Valley that had gone out of business in the 1970s.

Glenn didn’t know what it actually did, but he took good pictures. Someone in France was the high bidder at about $35, with another $15 for shipping. Before the winning bidder paid, the under-bidder emailed Glenn and asked if he cold have it at his bid if the other bidder didn’t pay. Glenn said sure, but asked what it was.

The under-bidder said he “didn’t know, but is sure looked cool.”

The winning bidder paid and left nice feedback when he received the item. Glenn contacted him and thanked him for the feedback. he asked what the item was, and the bidder replied, “I don’t know, but it sure looks cool.”

That pretty much says you can sell anything on ebay!