This is a normally a six hour class, but it can be tailored to meet your needs.

This class is taught at Community Colleges, Continuing Education Programs and other venues as a group class. Click on the Course Schedules link at the left to see current classes.

Private, in-home classes and on-site classes at your business are also available.  Private classes can be scheduled as one six hour session or two three-hour sessions.  Private classes are $275. 

Course Content:

In The Basics of Selling on ebay, you will learn how to get started on ebay, create effective listings, price your items appropriately, ensure a smooth transaction and ship your products easily.  You will learn how to save money on ebay fees when you can, and how to increase your own sales. 


  • Introduction to ebay
  • Getting Started
  • Selling Safety
  • Setting up an ebay and PayPal account
  • The World’s Online Marketplace
  • Researching an item (on ebay and off)
  • Enhanced Listings
  • Creating a listing for your items
  • Pictures (what to do, and what not to do)
  • Completing the sale
  • Pricing Strategies (Save money on listing fees when you can!)
  • Monitoring the sale
  • Introduction to PayPal
  • After listing closes
  • Leaving Feedback
  • Printing Shipping Labels (and other shipping tips)
  • And more!