ebay training for new or experienced ebay sellers

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Why “Cash from the Past?”

You have a house full of stuff. You paid good cash for it. It seemed like a good plan at the time, but now your house is full and your closets are overflowing.

Get your space back and get your Cash From The Past back at the same time!

I have been teaching people to use ebay since 2003! It’s easy. In fact it’s much easier to sell on ebay today than it was fifteen years ago. If you can use a camera and have at least enough computer experience to send an email, I can teach you to  sell on eBay!

I have taught scores of people to sell their items, and many have started eBay businesses or expanded their brick-and-mortar business to include an eBay sales channel.

If you have items you no longer need or use, you might be able to recover some of the money you originally spent to buy them.  In some cases, the goods may even be worth more than what you paid!  I sold my old set of stainless flatware for three times what it originally cost after the maker retired the pattern, for instance.

Get rid of clutter, and make money in the process.  You can even start a business or turn your hobby into a money-making enterprise.

“ebay,” “Ebay” or “eBay?”

When ebay started, was spelled “eBay.” A couple of years ago, they updated their logo and went to “ebay.”  When Pierre Omidyar, the founder of ebay, wanted a domain name two decades ago, he wanted “EchoBay.com” (a recreational areas at Lake Mead, NV) because he thought it sounded cool. Unfortunately, someone else owned that name (Echo Bay Mines in Canada). The fellow at the domain registration office (yeah, you actually had to go to a physical location then) suggested that he use ebay.com until he found something he liked better. He thought “eBay” looked good, and the rest is history. Pierre told that story at an “eBay Live” convention a number of years ago.