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I’m currently working on two novels:

Forty-Seven Steps to Murder and Black Hat / White Hat

You can click on the tabs for each to see a synopsis. One is a science fiction novel featuring a detective, and one is a convoluted tale of a mobster’s revenge on spam callers and the FBI Special Agent tasked with finding the pair the mobster hires to carry out the revenge.

A Little About Me

The themes touch on my past. As far back as grade school, I enjoyed fantasy and science fiction. My interest in law enforcement is a holdover from about 25 years in it, including attending the FBI National Academy.

I did three tours in Vietnam, the last two as a correspondent, which got me interested in writing. I wrote a bit since, but never published more than a few articles. I finally decided to put pen to paper with a few ideas that have been circulating at the back of my mid for a while.

My career has been an odd one. About a quarter century in law enforcement, a stint as an information systems analyst for the State of California, a number of years managing the California State Supreme Court headquarters building, twenty-odd years selling antiques in shops and on eBay, and five years appraising firearms for an auction house. Volunteer work with kids, town government and a community health organization.

One semi-enjoyable task got me back into writing. I edited my late wife’s doctoral dissertation. I was her research assistant, so I enjoyed the topic. The formatting, on the other hand, was excruciating. Once her classmates and friends found out that I did it, I had five more to do. Special torture. I eventually began to enjoy it to a small degree, in a masochistic sort of way. Like doing a 2000-piece jigsaw puzzle.

It was also humorous at times. I discovered that four out of six doctoral candidates in my small-population study, did not know that you do not have to use the space bar to indent a paragraph, or hit “return” to start a new line when using a computer. Do you know how long it takes to remove paragraph marks at the end of each line of a ninety-five page manuscript?

I live in New Hampshire, where fall scenes like the photo (taken by me in 2017) at the top of my page are no more than a short drive from my home. Another great benefit is that there are about two dozen really great diners within fifteen minutes of my house.

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