Forty-Seven Steps to Murder

This is a love-triangle murder mystery set on a space station a couple of centuries from now. A police detective lieutenant, Adam Henry, with one of the worst names a cop can have, Adam Henry, is newly in charge of the Detective Bureau.

A serial killer has been murdering women, and his victims are all found strangled, wearing only lingerie. Could this be the work of a lone psychopath or is it a quasi-religious cult?

While immersed in this puzzle, the Lieutenant, Adam, falls for the most powerful woman in the planetary system, Jennifer Carna. She appears to be smitten, too, but has been in a relationship with wealthy Montgomery Proxman.

Adam has some special skills and knowledge that will assist him in both pursuits, and he is unknowingly aided by two alien races that live among humanity, part of a hidden agenda of government and the powerful Five Corporations.

Will Adam and his team solve the Lingerie Murders? Will he capture Jennifer’s heart forever? And who is really behind the murders? The answer might be closer to home than anyone could have thought.

This novel is in its final draft and is being reviewed. Look for it online in early 2022.

(c) Glenn Della-Monica 2020, WGA West Registry 2050922 All rights reserved.

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