Where would you like to shove a scammer’s phone?

Some people have the strangest hobbies … collecting bottle caps … finding slices of toast with images of Jesus … finding annoying phone scammers and cramming their phone up their … well, where you always think about cramming them when your dinner is interrupted by “Carmen from Card Holder Services.”

For retired Mobster “Papa” Paul Lenatti, when his poker game is interrupted by one such call, this latter pursuit becomes his latest hobby. Utilizing a young couple who do the occasional hit for him, he retasks them for his own amusement.

The couple, Lara and Alex, who are already very good at what they do, now have unlimited funds to plan, carry out and escape from each new assignment in the most outrageous and extravagant manner, purely for the enjoyment of their employer. The assignments are not hits in the traditional sense. The victims live. They can’t usually sit for the better part of a week, but they live.

Throw into this mix one Special Agent Cody Smutters of the FBI. He’s given the thankless task of coordinating the search for the suspects. Anyone who ever received such a spam call doesn’t really want the perpetrators caught. Not the public. Not the press. Not even most of Cody’s counterparts in law enforcement.

While actually trying to do his best to solve the case, he crosses paths with Haley Briggs, a contract psychological profiler for the Bureau. He once had a chance to date her, but chickened out. Now he takes the plunge.

Lara and Alex enjoy their assignments, but always enjoy a trip down memory lane when they are given an old fashion hit. Papa Paul has enjoyed the elaborate and deceptive tactics of the two so much that he lets them carry out their wet work in much the same fashion, enjoying every exquisite detail.

In the end, all of the players converge, black becomes white, white becomes black, and the color of the players’ hats no longer matter.

This novel is now at my editor, who is making corrections and picking it apart, I assume.

(c) 2020 Glenn Della-Monica. All rights reserved.

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